Alkees Company for Plastic Industries

The Originality of the Name is Enough

Alkees Company for Plastic Industries

The Originality of the Name is Enough

Alkees Company has more than 25 years of experience in designing and producing plastic bags, of various shapes, sizes, and colors, with international quality, and unparalleled competitive prices.
With the increasing local and regional demand for its products, the company has established a gigantic factory that includes the latest and best equipment and technical systems in more than 10 thousand square meters.

Alkees Factory

International Quality - Creative Designs - Competitive Prices

Our Products

It is the most common type of bag and is used in various shops

Shopping Bags | T-Shirt

Available in multiple colors and sizes to suit all customer needs

Garbage Packaging Bags

Used in packaging meat, liquids, nuts, and spices

Bags of Nuts, Spices, and Meat

Available in several sizes and shapes. It can be printed in six colors upon request.

Printed Bags

Available in multiple colors and sizes to meet the needs of all customers 

Ready-to-Print Bags

It is used for a variety of purposes and is provided to customers on demand

Bags for Various Purposes

This type is characterized by high transparency, softness, and flexibility

Soft One Kilo Bags

They are produced in various sizes according to customers' request

Packaging Bags

Some of them are used to make small greenhouses, and some are used to cover the floor of these greenhouses

Greenhouse Bags

Why Us?

  • One of the Largest Libyan Economic and Indust

  • Contracts and Agreements with Giant Global Companies

  • The Best level of Customer Service

  • A Giant Factory for the Plastic Industries

  • The Latest and Best Technological and Administrative Systems

Sidal Libya Company for Plastic and Cleaning Materials

It is one of the companies of "Sidal Group for Industry and Trade".

Sidal Libya Company works in the field of trading and supplying plastic products of various kinds, wholesale and retail, including plastic bags, plastic products, tissue paper, and cleaning materials.

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