"Alkees" Takes Part in The Misurata International Industries Fair

2021-08-09 13:34:26

Alkees Company for Plastic Industries participated in the Misurata International Industries Fair to be held from March 6, 2021, to March 11, 2021.

The exhibition aims to highlight the importance and role of industries in supporting, developing, and raising the level of the local economy, by providing the opportunity for a large industrial gathering that includes local and international factories, companies, and agencies in one place.

The exhibition seeks to facilitate partnerships, the conclusion of deals, and the exchange of information and expertise between institutions and companies, including agencies, operators of operating supplies and safety equipment, colleges, institutes, and all areas related to the industry.

Based on the status of "Alkees" as one of the leading companies in the field of plastic industries, and its role in enriching the local industrial sector, the company announced its participation in the exhibition with a huge list of exhibits, including a wide variety of its products with international quality, creative designs, and competitive prices.

The exhibition contains nearly 200 pavilions, on a total area of 10 thousand square meters, at the Misurata International Exhibition Center in the Industrial Area (Ruwaisat), opposite the plastic factory.

The exhibition was equipped with the latest technologies and audio-visual devices, in addition to taking all health measures to prevent Coronavirus.